Barcelona for Foodies

Barcelona for Foodies

Many people come to Barcelona for the architecture but it is also a top destination for culinary delights. Food in Barcelona is taken very seriously and a highlight of any visit to this famous city. Here are just some of things that visitors can do to experience the edible delights of Barcelona.

Try Tapas

This is a classic of many Catalan areas and a real treat. Visit a tapas bar in the early evening and ask for a selection of tapas. These are small taster dishes that evoke local flavours and include patatas bravas, shellfish, smoked sausage, olives and many more. It is a great way to explore some of the flavours of Barcelona and indulge in a local meal.

Learn to Cook

Barcelona has some great places to learn how to cook regional specialties. Freshly caught seafood is often used as are some of the regional wines and cheeses. It is an excellent way to take something home from Barcelona that can be replicated at home for friends and family to enjoy.

Visit the Market

Just off Las Ramblas the largest food market in Barcelona can be found and one of the best in the world. Accessed via a passage there is a wealth of flavours and sights inside at La Boqueria Market. From dried fruits to fresh vegetables, herbs, and olives this really is a feast for the senses. Ask the stall holders about the food and how it is produced to learn more about the products and brush up on your Spanish skills. Perhaps try and taste one or two items. This is also an excellent place to stock up on items for a picnic lunch.

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Try Catalan Wine

Barcelona is the hub for the Catalan wine growing industry which produces some great vintages in the surrounding countryside. This is the birthplace of cava and the varieties here have led the wine industry in Spain in terms of high quality production. Why not chill out with a glass or two and appreciate the local produce.

Try Pa Amb Tomaquet

When Catalan people are abroad they long for pa amb tomaquet which is crusty country bread drizzled with olive oil and served with cheese or Iberian ham. Very simple but this is a banquet to those in the know. Why not try it and discover just how good the local food is.

Barcelona has a wonderful culinary heritage just waiting to be discovered by visitors.