Family Activities In Frankfurt, Germany

Family Activities In Frankfurt, Germany

Families can enjoy many activities in Frankfurt. It’s a great city with wonderful people and places to visit. Near Frankfurt is the Opel Zoo, with many things that will make children smile of all ages. There is a petting zoo and a playground which will also give mom and dad some relaxation as the children will be able to release some of that energy that they tend to keep pent up during travel.

Vogelburg is a nature park where birds, particularly parrots can be enjoyed. It is also a great place for the family to get the kids out and go for a walk in the outdoors. Most outdoor activities are ideal for the family for children.

Lie-big Museum is also not far away. Known as a predominantly ‘chemistry’ museum, there are fun, hands-on things that kids will enjoy.

Taunus Wunderland Freizeitpark is a theme park in the local area. This is a fairly land style theme park which also has a petting zoo with some exotic animals. In 1998, the Barth family purchased the park and made a lot of changes to update the park and make it a better experience for the family. There is a load of things to do here and the young and old will both enjoy the experience. Rides called the Pirate Boat and the Dragon Ride were added after the park was renovated. In 2007 more rides were added and the petting zoo was expanded. There are even monkeys there now.

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The Jumpinn at Ladenburg is not far away. This is a play and recreation park that is considered a one of a kind adventure for children. This is a fun place for the family to go and actually play together. Also not far away is Kurpfalzpark, which is a water park. Obviously, this is a place that you can only enjoy if you are there in the warmer months. If you find yourself near Frankfurt during the warm season, there is nothing more fun for children than a water park with slides and wave pools to enjoy.

Ideally, the family should enjoy experiences together when vacationing and you should look for places that you can all enjoy together. The suggestions above are all made with the family experience in mind. While some places might be fun and learning experiences, other places are just simply mentioned as places to forget about all things other than playing and having fun. Enjoy your vacation, whichever things you choose to do.