Family Friendly Attractions In Norway This Winter

Family Friendly Attractions In Norway This Winter

Unlike many of your colleagues, you find great beauty in the chill of winter. Powder cloaks the slopes of tall mountains, the lower angle of the sun makes for outstanding pictures of frost-coated landscapes throughout much of the day during this season, and the nippy temperatures make the warmth of your house and a steaming cup of cocoa that much more satisfying.

Given this, it’s not surprising that you favour getaways to winter destinations more so than escaping to the tropics in a vain attempt to make the pain of winter go away. This year, you figure that a trip to Norway will grant you, your spouse and your kids a view of one of the biggest winter nations in the world.

Home to some of the best Northern Lights viewing conditions anywhere on Earth, and mountains that capture copious amounts of snow every year, there is hardly a better spot to take a winter holiday. Let’s expand on all the family friendly attractions in Norway this winter below…

Atlantic Sea-Park, Ålesund

While it may snow in the mountains of Norway, it often falls as rain along the coast. While rain may not be the best way to experience winter in its full glory, Ålesund offers an attraction that will keep you and your kids ably occupied if gray weather should occur during your time here.

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The Atlantic Sea Park is a cold water aquarium that profiles the oceanic life that is local to the Atlantic Ocean along the Norwegian Coast, making an excellent learning experience on what would otherwise be a glum day for outdoor exploration.

Teach the kids how to ski at Trysil

When you do get up into Norway’s high country, the best place to teach your kids how to pilot a set of skis or a snowboard is at Trysil. Their ski school teaches the basics of control and good technique through fun games and illuminating instructors, while the hill itself contains an abundance of beginner and intermediate runs designed to ease novice snow enthusiasts into one of the best sports out there.

Mix with local families at a local indoor water park

Although winter has many elements of beauty and excitement bound up within its icy nature, it also makes getting away from its chilly downsides all the more enjoyable. The best way to do this is to go to a community indoor water park, of which there are plenty throughout Norway.

As an example, Grottebadet in Harstad is a universally loved escape from the unrelenting darkness of a winter spent above the Arctic Circle, featuring water slides, a wave pool, jacuzzis and more. Locals come here regularly, especially on the weekends, giving you a chance to mix with the ordinary people that call this country home.

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