Make Your Next Family Road Trip Stress-Free With These Tips

Make Your Next Family Road Trip Stress-Free With These Tips

In a 2018 Pedagogia Hospitalaria study, 92% of respondents said that they “love” taking road trips. In this same study, the top three things that people said that they look forward to on a road trip included “taking in the scenery (64 percent), discovering local spots (45 percent), and enjoying the company of friends and loved ones (37 percent).”If you are like most people, planning your family’s next road trip can be full of excitement and fun.

However, when traveling with children, situations can arise that make the journey a bit stressful. Tiredness, boredom, and unexpected illness or spills can quickly turn a relaxed road trip into a not-so-pleasant adventure. Thankfully, there are strategies that you can use for your next road trip that will help you avoid these common, yet stressful situations.

Buy or rent a vehicle that has ample space

Whether you have 2 children or 6, having a spacious vehicle is an absolute must for any road trip. Having room to sleep, stretch out your legs, and enjoy in-vehicle entertainment is an excellent way to prevent bad moods from all members of your family. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, this is definitely something to consider when searching for your next purchase. Instead, if you do not plan on buying a larger vehicle, you can always rent spacious options such as minivans, SUVs, and RVs.

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Plan plenty of stops along the way

For many families, it can be tempting to drive as far as possible each day to more quickly reach your destination. Unfortunately, your children are much more likely to become bored and tired with this approach. To keep everyone comfortable and well-rested, plan plenty of stops along the way. This can include short breaks and/or overnight stays. Have a family meeting to discuss the driving plan for each day to better gauge how many stops are needed.

Create a kit with essential items

From juice box spills to sudden cold symptoms, traveling with children can bring about unpredictable situations. That’s why it is crucial to prepare a travel kit with items that can help you better deal with anything that might happen. Although not a complete list, be sure to pack items such as stain remover wipes, medications, a first-aid kit, tissues, and towels.

Provide entertainment for your children

“Are we there yet?” is the historically common question asked by almost all bored and tired children on road trips. To help avoid this question from your little ones, be sure to pack plenty of sources of entertainment. From educational tablets to family road trip games, keeping your children entertained while on the road is a great way to make everyone happy.

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Making your next family road trip stress-free is easier than you may have believed. By following the strategies listed above, you and your children are more likely to feel calm, rested, and ready to enjoy the fun activities planned during your vacation.