Honeymoon Getaways in Israel

Honeymoon Getaways in Israel

Seeking to work in a spiritual or culturally destination into your honeymoon plans? If you are, then you may want to consider visiting Israel after the bouquet was been tossed this year.

With exciting cities, luxurious spas, and tantalizing seaside resorts to go along with major sights in places like Jerusalem, it will surely make for a trip that neither of you will ever be able to forget.

Below, we profile three honeymoon getaways in Israel that will push your time here over the top…

1. Tel Aviv

If an exciting, vibrant city is what you are looking for on your honeymoon, then including Tel Aviv in your itinerary is a must. By day, its urban beaches will give plenty of rays to soak up, and abundant BBQ to feast on from beachside grills.

The never ending nightlife will be of interest to couples that love to dance, while those wishing to keep it mellow will find the cafe scene here incredibly varied. All in all, spending three to four days here will enable you to get the most out of your visit here.

2. The Dead Sea

Situated at the lowest point on the planet (1,200 feet below sea level), the Dead Sea’s salinity has long made it a tourist draw, but while this body of water’s extreme buoyancy may be reason enough for you to come here, it appeals far more to honeymooners due to the world famous spas that are found here.

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Piggybacking on the wealth of natural resources that can be found in the mud from the seabed, these resorts are able to offer treatments that are said to help restore health and vitality to their clients. Combined with the lowered intensity of UV radiation at this low elevation, there is no better place to heal and cleanse oneself than at the Dead Sea.

3. Eilat

Love crystal clear water and want to take advantage of some of the world’s best snorkeling and diving? If so, head down south to Eilat, which is Israel’s resort presence on its short coastline on the Red Sea. If going underwater is something you are not in the mood to do, then you can still what lurks beneath the waves by visiting the Underwater Observatory.

While its outward appearance is that of a white tower (which incidentally offers some of the best panoramic views of the area), its subterranean levels offers a windows on the tropical fish and coral formations that sit within some of the clearest water found anywhere on the planet.

Seeking the best hotel experience in Eilat? We recommend Le Meridien, as its service levels and amenities are heads and shoulders above what is commonly available elsewhere in town.

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