3 Kid Friendly Attractions in Singapore

3 Kid Friendly Attractions in Singapore

When embarking on an exciting trip overseas with your children, it is important to make sure that the place you are visiting has attractions that are appropriate for kids. Singapore makes for a beautiful vacationing experience for people of all ages. If you are wondering what you can do while in Singapore, here is a list of 3 kid friendly attractions in Singapore.

The Science Center

The Science Center is a new-generation, modern museum that focuses on science and technology. It has a wide variety of exhibits focusing on many different areas of science and technology. A fun, creative way to enjoy this attraction and gain a wealth of scientific knowledge is through hands-on exploration. It also includes the Omni-Theater which provides people of all ages an immersive cinematic experience.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is the popular island resort in Singapore. Both locals and tourists visit this gorgeous island to experience everything it has to offer. There are many attractions that are perfect for kids of all ages. Your kids will be able to enjoy an underwater world, two museums, Dolphin Lagoon, three major hotels, three gorgeous beaches, and musical fountains. Your kids will enjoy a fun-filled day getting a taste of everything that is beautiful and unique about this island.

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Singapore Zoological Gardens

Another popular 3 kid friendly attractions in Singapore is the Singapore Zoo which gets more than a million visitors from both locals and vacationers every year. It is one of only a few open zoos where cages are non-existent and moats are plentiful. This makes an amazing attraction that appeals to both children and adults. Deep moats surround larger land animals that are hidden by vegetation. There are glass enclosures that keep climbing animals such as snakes and jaguars from running loose.

Visitors are able to watch their favorite animals and take pictures in a more “natural” habitat as well as take pictures without having to squeeze through the bars of a cage. Visitors can also feed some of the different animals and will also get a show from a zookeeper during feeding time.

Some of the more popular attractions of the Singapore Zoo are great for children and adults. The Hamadryas Baboons Exhibit costs only a few dollars to feed more than 80 baboons a cup of fresh fruit. The baboon exhibit is surrounded by glass walls and a watery moat. The Splash Amphitheater provides live shows of Californian sea lions, pelicans, Caribbean manatees, and jackass penguins.

Your kids will be able to enjoy an amazing elephant show, The Elephants at Work and Play Show. Zookeepers show their audience how elephants work in Southeast Asia logging camps with a little downtime to play and roll around in the water and mud.

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With all the amazing activities one can do with their family, these 3 kid friendly attractions in Singapore will provide hours of entertainment for the entire family.