What to Look for in a Honeymoon Resort

What to Look for in a Honeymoon Resort

One of the hardest tasks in planning a honeymoon is picking the hotel or resort where you will be basing yourself during your time away from home. An exemplary resort can put the exclamation point on your holiday, but so can a bad one. How do you ensure your trip ends up in the former category? Here’s what to look for in a honeymoon resort…

They should be classified as an adults-only resort

This is vital, as nothing spoils an amorous mood quicker than the chaos that running, yelling and smart-alecky children can create. This isn’t meant to disparage the youngest among us, but when was the last time that being in their company provided you with the perfect backdrop to get intimate with your significant other?


While being classified as an adults-only property isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be on a property conducive to romance (beware of times and specific resorts that have a reputation for being haunts of partiers and hedonists), it is the best way to narrow them down so you can truly begin your search.

Mindblowingly beautiful scenery

If you are going to drop thousands of dollars on a post-marital holiday meant to celebrate the beginning of your life together, you’ll want to be sure that you’re getting the most for your money. While all properties make use of professional photography to ensure that their place looks as smashing as possible, some take the concept too far, creating images that don’t hold up to reality.

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Peruse visitor photos on sites like Tripadvisor and Livebetx.com, or by doing a Google Image Search on the resort in question. On a larger scale, look past “good enough” but dull all-inclusive destinations like Koh Samui in favor of places with mind blowing surrounds that one finds in a place like Krabi. This is a special holiday, so make it as memorable as possible.

An unrelenting dedication to service

Don’t let apathetic staff throw a wet blanket on what is supposed to be a trip where your every need should be attended to without delay. Comb through reviews to not just flag resorts with repeated problems with service levels, but to highlight ones that go above and beyond for their guests. Those that have a favorable rave to rant ratio should make make your shortlist.

A variety of amenities to fit all moods

While it’s nice to be on a resort with killer sunset views and five star dining, these amazing qualities can go stale fast if they are the only attractions you have to look forward to outside your hotel room. Resorts should offer a wide slate of activities and amenities that are capable of delivering amazing experiences on any given day.

From water sports for active types, to elaborate spas for those that love to be pampered, having multiple options for entertainment and relaxation on the ground of your resort is essential for a fulfilling honeymoon.

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