Maharashtra Best Place for Honeymoons

Maharashtra Best Place for Honeymoons

When it is the question to make the honeymoon special, you can go to Maharashtra also. This is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India. Going for a dreamy honeymoon with your partner, honeymoon, and romantic package in India can make your dream come true.

What Makes Maharashtra a Perfect Honeymoon Destination?

Maharashtra contains more than one honeymoon attraction. If you are a lover of adventure, you can visit this place once. The beauty of the hills will help you to start a refreshing journey with your partner. There is more than one place there which you can choose while going on a honeymoon trip.


Panchgani is popularly known as the city of five hills. This is a famous hill station located in the state of Maharashtra. Panchgani royal hill resort is situated at 1,334 meters of height and has many exciting scenic destinations. This hill station is famous for its uncontaminated air, and it is thought that the oxygen content in the atmosphere is more here than in other regions, which is enough to make your honeymoon special. The hospitality of the resort is very relaxing and calm, and the beautiful environment is an excellent background where you can take your partner to a romantic date. The city is spotted with many charming colonial period cottages with luxurious amenities for the couples and tourists to spend their holidays. Fresh air, breath-taking panoramic views, unspoiled natural beauty, and lush make it one of the ideal tourist destinations in Maharashtra. Countless Panchgani hotels and resorts are available in the town for a comfortable stay.

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The Pune Railway station is the primary railway station near to the town. Pune is well-linked to all cities in India by rail. Pune, which is 95 km from Panchgani, is also the nearby airport. Pune is connected to Goa, Mumbai, and Bangalore by air. The city is well-connected by state road transport public bus services. Regular bus services are also available from Pune to Panchgani. The hill station has become an ideal tourist destination for folks who love to see mind-blowing natural beauty. Many tour packages are organized by travel agents from almost all parts of the country.

Where to Stay Here For a Memorable Honeymoon?

The most sought after package is 3 Nights and 2 Days package that includes the cost of stay, meals, and sightseeing. One can also book Panchgani resorts online.The town offers countless accommodation options from Panchgani resorts and luxury hotels, all the way down to budget Panchgani hotels. There are amazing places to see in Panchgani, like Sydney Point, situated on a hill facing the Krishna Valley.

There are many hotels close to the Table Land road that provide effortless access to the several tourist spots of the town. Some hotels are offering breath-taking sights of the Ravines and lush green valley.

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Sydney Point

The Sydney point is situated at the facing of Krishna valley. This quiet calm place where you can get some relief and no intruder is there to disturb you. This is a quite lonely place with beautiful scenery. The scenery of the Dom dam is quite brilliant and attractive. The delightful places are so amazing to enjoy. Just think about the lovely date in Sydney point, and see the face of your partner, he or she will be most happy to spend a day with you at this place. So, to start a refreshing journey with your love must-visit Sydney point once.


After tableland, it is the second-largest plateau hill which is situated in Asia. It is the place where Pandavas use to take rest and cook. Now it is one of the most visited places in honeymoon tour packages in India. The Daftar Joker188 site is so exotic and beautiful to stay in. Also, you can get some peace of mind while traveling here for honeymoon purposes. The fascinating scenery of the place will attract you and your spouse and will be one of the great places to enjoy your honeymoon.


You can see the shimmering Dhom Dam Lake from here. This place is situated about two km from the bus station. Another one is the Table Land. This is a flat, expansive laterite rock and is the 2nd most extended plateau in Asia. You can see caves like the Devil’s kitchen from here. A religiously significant place is the Rajpuri Caves. Many water kinds or ponds surround these ancient caves. People take a bath in these holy kinds with the belief that it will provide relief from all kinds of evil and sicknesses. There are claims that the Holy Ganges flows into these kinds.

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Inside these caves, you will also find the Lord Karthikeya temple that’s a must-see. This temple is built out of the sand taken from the caves. A journey to the Rajpuri caves wills indeed rejuvenates the minds of travelers.