The Museums in Cardiff, Wales

The Museums in Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff is a great place for kids as well as adults. There are very few places in Wales or in most cities of the UK where adults and kids have almost equal number of prominent places of interest. There are three well known museums in Cardiff, Wales and with a proper tour, all of them can be extremely fun and an extensive learning experience.

St Fagans – National History Museum

Formerly known as The Museum of Welsh Life, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cardiff. The most appealing aspect of this museum is that it is ideal for all age groups. There are specific departments that are enticing for the adults while there are various sections which would be intriguing for the kids. Many families fail to explore the entire museum in one day and almost everyone consider it to be perfect for a family visit. The National History Museum is one of the most visited museums in the UK and that is no small achievement. For your family, this would be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences in Cardiff.

National Museum And Art Gallery

This is one of the fun museums in Cardiff, Wales, you may wish to visit. Entry is free and the entire collections of different era arts can be engaging enough. There is one hurdle however and that is the displays do not offer a lot for kids. However, if you have a few spare hours and you need your kids to be busy with something then the National Museum and Art Gallery can be quite fun.

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The Cardiff Story

The Cardiff Story is a unique experience for all and sundry. Even people who are born and raised in Cardiff find it fascinating time and again. The Cardiff Story has an interactive exhibit depicting the past of the city. How Cardiff has evolved over the last seven centuries cannot be conveyed in any better way. The Cardiff Story is for people of all ages, extremely educational and fun.

Some Fun Experiences

There are quite a few places where you and your family can have some fun but they aren’t museums. Some of the best ones to head to would be the Cardiff International Pool, Jump and Boulders Indoor Climbing Center. All these three are proud possessions of Cardiff and many visitors from outside the city envy that the residents and locals have access to such amazing recreation centers.