Honeymoon Cruise Tips for Loved Up Newlyweds

Honeymoon Cruise Tips for Loved Up Newlyweds

The day is done, the cake is gone, the dress is creased and the newly married couple can’t wait to separate themselves from the chattering din of well-wishers. After booking into a five star suite and loosening the collar, conversation wanders to the honeymoon and the ocean of moments no doubt in store for your freshly minted love. Before pushing off from the shore of doubt altogether, you were sure to do your research, and discovered a cruise-line adventure was for you. Honeymoon enquiries are sometimes met with surprise, why not by land or air? Won’t you get seasick? Won’t you be rushed from port to port? You smile patiently and let your critics know your reasons for taking a honeymoon cruise.

Every Night’s a Party

Cruise lines offer several layers of entertainment, from on-board casinos to three hat restaurants; entertainers and live gigs can range from coffee house chill to Broadway pizazz, depending on the flavour and nature of your cruise and the schedule of acts. Ask questions, ask for sample and past schedules.

Every Port’s a Possibility

Ports are an important selling point of cruising couples – a honeymoon cruise will empower an adventurous backpacking spirit without the low-rent rooms, dodgy plumbing and getting stranded in the middle of Europe with nothing but clothes and 7 Euro’s. A blissed up couple can seclude or explore as they like, plan their day or let the sun-deck do its work.

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Privacy is Paramount

Spending a little extra on a moving destination honeymoon will guarantee a happy cruising experience; standard rooms can be quite cramped and overly intimate, with little room for movement. The Honeymoon Suites and packages normally come with perks, balconies and a dash of privacy that will make a difference to the overall experience.

Themes and Friends

Honeymooners end up alienating their fellow cruisers by locking themselves into a limited experience, never socialising or attending free cocktail nights organised by enterprising cruise staff. Be prepared to have a chat and trade opinions at the Captain’s Dinner Bola88 or any of the themed dress-up parties that pass away the twilight hours. Let go and let each other embrace new experiences – there’s nothing more romantically liberating than seeing your partner in a completely new and wonderful light, even days after you’ve married.

Cultural Melting Pot

A cruise has many ports of call, coasting from one location to the next destination, enriching and changing the lives of those on-board. Honeymooners are warmly embraced by many, invited to take part in cooking classes and ritual dances; even if the locals take no interest in you, the path untrodden is mysterious and ready to be uncovered by the new dream team. Make sure you’re back at the boat on time, they WILL leave without you if you’ve chosen the independent adventurer route. It’s worth noting an outing organised through the cruise is safer, secure and comparatively risk free.

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