Romantic Things To Do In Majorca

Romantic Things To Do In Majorca

Planning your honeymoon for next summer, and looking for some romantic things to do in Majorca? This article will give you several ideas to help make your trip one that will make your bride maids green with envy…!

1. Enjoy a blissful day at Playa de Muro

While there are smaller beaches that might be better suited to your purposes on Majorca, the beauty of Playa de Muro makes this hot destination a great first choice when the time comes to relax on your first couple of days on the island.

The crystalline water, powder white sand and scenic mountains on the horizon will compliment the sun perfectly as you and your newlywed relax on a comfortable sun lounger together … ahhhhh.

2. Tour and take a boat ride through the Cuevas del Drach

One of the most spectacular cave systems in Europe can be found on the island of Majorca, and with a grotto located within, the Cuevas del Drach not only makes an excellent tourist attraction, but a highly romantic one at that.

Unlike many caves that are only accessible to the adventurous at heart, the stalactites and stalagmites of the Cuevas del Drach are lit up in impressive fashion, and with the submerged portions of this 2.4 kilometre long complex being traversed by rowboat, it will be a day that neither of you will ever be able to forget.

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3. Check out the Joan Miro studio

If the two of you have a love for the visual arts, stopping by the Joan Miro studio is something you’ll definitely want to make happen.

Left as it was after his death, with finished and unfinished portraits scattered through a studio still bearing the marks of an artist engaged in the act of creation, you’ll get the raw feeling of what it was like to live as one of the brightest artistic minds in Spain.

That’s not all though, as the garden out back makes for the perfect place to chill after contemplating the life and times of this accomplished man.

4. Dine at Forn de Sant Joan Restaurant

Located in La Lonja, the old town of Palma, Forn de Sant Joan is known by locals as one of the best restaurants in town for a romantic meal.

Housed in a 14th century building, and spread over four levels with themes ranging from informal to elegant, this eclectic dining institution gives you the choice of backdrop that makes the most sense to you and your partner.

Pairing it with food ranging from Spanish to French and even some Asian specialties makes this place unbeatable for the experience that is delivers, so be sure to book at least one night at Forn de Sant Joan during your stay.

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