Things To Do For Children In Melbourne, Australia

Things To Do For Children In Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia is not your typical vacation spot. The country is beautiful and provides tourists of all ages hours of fun-filled activities. If you are struggling to find things to do for children in Melbourne Australia here is a list that will help you plan your Aussie vacation with your family.

Aside from the traditional site-seeing, picnics, and bike rides through Melbourne’s gorgeous country side, there are also many attractions geared towards children. The Children’s Garden is a great place for children. Here they discover an amazing world of a variety of plants. It has a gardening section where they can dig and plant flowers as well as labyrinths to hide in and explore. This attraction will provide your children with a magical experience.

Port Phillip Bay has some of the most beautiful beaches in Melbourne, especially along the eastern coast. Beaches located within the city are every backpacker’s dream. If you are more into the sand and sun, you can get to those pristine beaches located only a short fifteen minutes from the city. This location is a perfect place for children to play in the water, swim, and fly kites as there are no waves in the bay. This location makes for a packed day of things to do for children in Melbourne Australia.

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The Community Environment Park in Ceres is a community environment project located in Brunswick along the Merri Creek. It is a great hang-out for both kids and adults. Children will love the freedom to explore the generators and wind pumps, the gardens, chucks, and pond. Also featured here are nurseries, an adventure playground, a bicycle recycle shed, and a café offering many homemade treats. This makes for a great day out and about and away from the chaos of modern life.

Another amazing attraction for children is the Scienceworks Museum. This isn’t a free attraction but you will get your money’s worth. One can get here by way of the Yarra Ferry Totobet Hongkong as it stops here on the way to Williamstown. Kids will love the many options of exploring, hands-on activities, and using play to learn about mechanics, the planet, and light.

Melbourne has been voted as one of the best cities to live in several years in a row. It provides people with opportunities for relaxation, life, and exploration. There are many things to do for children in Melbourne Australia making your family vacation packed with new and exciting adventures.