Things to do in Paris, France

Things to do in Paris, France

Paris, arguably the most romantic city in the planet, the capital of France is an iconic tourist destination. Every year Paris ranks as one of the most visited cities and the count is in millions. France is the most visited country in the world with excess of 70 million tourists visiting every year.

Here are the best five things to do in Paris, France, some of which are extremely famous and you may be aware of but despite that, it is impossible to list any other.

The Eiffel Tower

Many tourists just visit the Eiffel Tower and start shooting with their cameras. The real pleasure of exploring Eiffel Tower is when you visit it at different times of the day and also go for an Eiffel Tower tour. It is important to learn the history of the monument that has become an iconic symbol of love and passion. The fine restaurants and hotels around the Eiffel Tower are beyond any expression of satiation. They are a tad expensive but you would love the French cuisines and the wine. French hospitality at its best is what Champs Elysees and Eiffel Tower surrounding areas have to offer you.

The Louvre

France has one of the longest and richest histories in the world. The Louvre takes you directly into the forgotten pages of the country’s past. The fact that the country stands as one of the fierce superpowers is based on centuries of transformations. Explore the rich heritage and culture along with fact finding at The Louvre.

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Left Bank Tour

Left Bank Tour takes you to a number of prominent places in Paris. This not only lets you explore the Pantheon, La Sorbonne, Latin Quarter and the Shakespeare and Company bookstore but also starts from Notre Dame that ticks checking out the iconic gothic cathedral before starting.


What good is a tour to Paris if you do not taste the Parisian lifestyles, local bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs? Montmartre is the place to be to get some hands on experience of what the bohemian community is.

A Seine Tour

A boat ride on the scenic Seine can be refreshing, enticing and can offer you glimpses of the city from an unconventional perspective. Your Seine cruise can end with some fine dining and wining at Les Champs Elysees. After all, France and especially Paris, is also about good food and exquisite wine.