Living Life Large On A Trip To Uganda

Living Life Large On A Trip To Uganda

Uganda just isn’t a place for backpackers and the adventurous – holidaymakers looking to have a comfortable stay will also be able to make the most of this country, so long as things are planned properly. This article will give some ideas on how to make this happen.

Travel around at your own pace

When you first arrive in the country, seeking out a hire car in Uganda should be your first priority. As challenging as it might be to drive here, those who are able to adjust to conditions effectively will gain the freedom to explore this country freely. This is much better than being confined to a tourist bus or van, as you are stuck travelling to wherever they take you.

Book a multi-day safari

When travelling to Africa, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to go on safari. Uganda is home to many of the animals which are unique to this continent – this includes elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and more. While there are day safaris available, immerse yourself in the wilds of this country by signing up for a multi-day trip.

When you choose to do this, go for the luxury option, as you’ll end up glamping rather than camping. With comfier beds and finer surroundings in general, it will take the edges off what is usually a rough experience.

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Go see the gorillas

Unlike most of the rest of Africa, Uganda is home to mountain gorilla habitat. With around half the world’s remaining population living in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, you’d be remiss if you didn’t try to visit Slot88 them during your time in the country.

Travel to the southwestern corner of Uganda after registering with the government in Kampala (they charge $600 USD for a permit to see the gorillas), then get on with a tour group that will take you to see some of our closest cousins in nature.

Remain still and don’t make sudden movements while watching these giants – while they appear human-like in their mannerisms, they are still wild animals.

End your Uganda trip on a luxurious note

Even when attempting to experience Africa in a posh manner, the road can be a bit rough in places. When you get back to Kampala to take your flight back home, spend your last days in Uganda in one of the best hotels this city has to offer.

If you have cash to burn, book a stay at the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort. With an excellent restaurant, swimming pool, and two bedroom suites which contain some of the most plush furnishings in the entire country, you won’t be disappointed with your stay.

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The Kampala Serena Hotel is another great option. With spacious room and food that is raved about by countless reviewers, you’ll enjoy your final hours in the capital at this establishment.